Hello Readers,

Let me introduce myself,   My name is Claire and I have been teaching English Composition for over twenty years.  My passion, however, is reading  great poetry, intricately woven novels, and authoritative biographies.   I live in Southern California, but my roots are in the Midwest, so I understand small town life as well as city life, finding both appealing in their own ways.  I am also a lover of letter-writing and card-making.   I do not dwell in the past, but I do appreciate the

Claire in Long Beach 10 25 11 a smaller  old ways of doing things, and the ways people used to communicate because I find them more intimate than today’s e-mail.  Alas, I live in this new age, and therefore, must conform to new ways of communicating;  hence this new blog.   I hope that it will be a journey of discovery and reconnecting with the familiar–for you and for me alike.

Happy Reading,


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